C H A N G E  T H E  W A Y  Y O U  H U N T .

Cartblinds™ are portable hunting blinds & fishing shanties on wheels and they are going to change the way you hunt or fish. Use it to haul heavy equipment into the woods, marsh or frozen lake; then stand it up and it transforms into a hunting blind, birding blind or an ice fishing shanty. There is no other product like this on the market!

When we designed our Cartblinds™, we realized that the only way to meet the diverse demands present in the outdoor sporting industry was to engineer four separate, specialized, interchangeable covers, allowing each Cartblind™ to transform to meet your specific birding, hunting or fishing needs. Simply buy the cart, choosing the cover that meets your needs and enjoy! The covers are all interchangeable, giving you the opportunity to purchase multiple configurations for deer hunting, waterfowl or duck hunting, bird watching or ice fishing.

Learn more about how Cartblinds™ portable hunting blinds & ice fishing shelters work in the video below with product inventor Duck Man Dan.

S E E   H O W   C A R T B L I N D S™  W O R K

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