4   S E A S O N   C A R T B L I N D™

Cartblinds™ design and attention to detail, quality and construction is show ingenious and apparent that it walked away with the coveted Best New Product of the Year Award at the 2011 Shot Show. Necessity is the mother of invention and a hunter’s need to haul heavy equipment in and then cart their ducks, deer and equipment out was the inspiration for this invention. The features present in the 4-Season Cartblind™ allow access to areas otherwise restricted to hunters trying to hand carry their gear and dragging their trophies out, such as the millions of acres of limited access public hunting lands. Today, Cartblinds™ have become “must have gear” for a growing number North American hunters, including those hunters with disabilities, youths, novice hunters as well as seasoned hunting experts.

We have a limited supply of our original 4 Season Cartblind™, we are offering special discount pricing on this product while supplies last. Be sure to order one now to be fully prepared for the 2014 hunting season!

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