What Is A Bird Watching Blind?

Why Use A Birding Blind for Bird Watching & Photography?

bird watching blind

Bird watching – also known as birding – is more than just a hobby for most birders . . . it is a passion! Only bird watchers truly understand the thrill of spotting a rare or unusual bird species – especially if it is a type of bird they have never seen before.

The use of Bird Blinds – or Birding Blinds – is a relatively new phenomenon that is quickly taking root in the bird watching community. Bird watching blinds enable birders to remain safe, comfortable and completely unseen – to maximize their bird viewing experience.


With Bird Watching Blinds You Get Closer to Wildlife

Some of the very best bird and wildlife photography we have seen in recent years comes from bird watching enthusiasts who have concealed themselves in camouflaged blinds while photographing. Not only does the camouflaged bird watching blind keep photographers completely concealed – it also protects the birder from the elements and keeps their valuable cameras and equipment dry!

Cartblinds is an industry leader in bird watching and birding blinds. Their innovative bird watching blind design takes into consideration all of the features that bird watchers need. The Cartblinds™ birding blind is actually a combined all-in-one cart and blind on wheels. The built-in cart allows birdwatchers to quickly and easily transport or move their gear, while the camouflaged blind (with built in seat) provides concealment, comfort, shade and protection from the elements.

Birding Blinds Protect Your Bird Watching Gear

The all-terrain wheels on the Cartblinds™ bird watching blind enable the bird watcher or photographer to move through mud, sand snow or uneven terrain while following their elusive avian friends. And optional skis enable the cart to be moved easily through the snow! Additionally, there is an optional hitch that allows the Cartblinds™ birding blind to be pulled with an ATV or snowmobile.

The Cartblinds™ birding blind also features up to enough interior room to comfortably set up a tripod or use a large telescopic lens – either standing or sitting down. And it features up to a 180º viewing angle!

Affordable Birding Blinds Are the Latest Technology in Bird Watching!

With these many innovative features, one can see why bird watchers across the country are adding these inventive new bird watching blinds to their birding equipment. See more birds and take better wildlife photographs with a Cartblinds™ birding blind!


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