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Types of Cartblinds





 cartblinds-about-icon-01Cartblinds™ are evolved from the original Duck&Bucks™ Cartblinds invented by Duck Man Dan in the mid 2000’s. Since that point, our fully patented product line has received numerous awards including the 2011 Shot Show New Product of the Year Award. Originally designed to be a hunter or fisher’s all in one go to product, years of product testing, customer feedback and research and development have led to the current Cartblinds™ line of the Duck-Cart™, the Buck-Cart™, the Ice Fishing-Cart™ and the Birding-Cart™.

While sticking to our original vision of providing outdoors sportsmen with versatile, portable and high quality hunting tools, we have evolved our products to make hunting blinds & ice fishing shelters that are more effective, more durable and easier to use: meaning more time and more success doing what you love.

The most visible change you will notice as we have transitioned from the Ducks & Buck™ 4- season Cartlind to our current line of hunting blind, is that each of the new Cartlinds™ features an interchangeable cover that is dedicated to that specific cart. The hunter doesn’t need the same features that the ice fishermen needs, the waterfowl or duck hunter doesn’t need the same features as the bird watching enthusiast, etc. So we have developed 4 covers that will provide all of the features that you want in a birding or hunting blind or ice fishing shanty – and eliminate those which you don’t. All of these covers are interchangeable on any unit, so a customer purchasing one of our carts can also purchase an additional cover and have two different configurations to use. The covers come off and are put on in less than two minutes, so changing from a Duck-Cart™ to an Ice-Fishing-Cart™ is complete in just minutes, and no tools are required.

We have also made engineering changes to the hunting blind and ice fishing shelter units, and we have adjusted the hitch so that using your Cartblind™ with an ATV or snowmobile is easier than ever. For those hunters or fishermen in the colder climates, we have added a ski accessory option to replace the wheels, making treks across the snow with your hunting blind or ice fishing shanty even easier. A change in the position of our axle has also made the weight

distribution more even, allowing our customers to transport  larger loads with their hunting blind cart or ice fishing cart more easily. New leg locking devices have also been installed making adjusting the height of your blind or shanty faster and safer. All of this translates to a better outdoor hunting or ice fishing experience for you!

All of the features that our customers love are still included in every hunting blind or ice fishing shanty. The large wheels are specifically designed to roll over any kind of terrain: mud, sand, snow or ice. The cart is able to be pulled by a person as a rickshaw or hauled by an ATV or snowmobile. Each cart can hold up to 275 pounds of gear, float in the water with 150 pounds of gear and accommodate a seated person up to 325 pounds. We are also happy to say that we have continued our partnership with Realtree™ to provide you with the industry’s best camouflage on all of our birding and hunting blinds. Our entire product line is still “Made in the USA with US and imported parts”.

We would also like to take a moment to acknowledge hunters pushing through physical limitations and injuries and groups that support our country’s injured veterans, such as the Freedom Hunters. Our easily transportable hunting blinds & fishing shelters can be used to make hunting & fishing possible – and more enjoyable – for people struggling through permanent or temporary disabilities. We take pride in making hunting and fishing more accessible to everyone.

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