G O O S E - C A R T™

Our 2015 Goose-Cart™ is designed using the same cart/bucket as our other Cartblinds™ with a unique laydown style face for goose hunting. Our Realtree™ camo and sewn on loops for dressing the blind allow for ultimate concealment allowing you to be invisible even in an open field. This unit features a spring loaded pop up window, allowing you a clear shot when the geese are within range. Beneath the waterproof cover, there is plenty of room to hide guns, gear, and even a hunting dog.

W H Y   C H O O S E   A   G O O S E - C A R T™?

  • Blend in perfectly with your surroundings
  • Water and wind resistant to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Laydown position perfect for open field hunting
  • Change locations quickly and easily
  • Don’t limit your gear choices to only what you can comfortably carry

Goose hunting should be an enjoyable and hassle free experience, getting your gear quickly, easily and safely to your location will add to that experience every time you go out. Buy a Goose-Cart™ today and find out why Cartblind™owners say it’s one of their most useful pieces of goose hunting equipment.

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