I C E   F I S H I N G – C A R T™

Carrying fishing poles, tackle, ice drills and a shanty out onto the frozen lake requires multiple trips and shortens the amount of time you can spend fishing. With Cartblinds™, we eliminated that issue with one revolutionary product, a gear hauling cart that transforms into a full functional ice fishing shanty. Set up takes only minutes and no tools are required.

W H Y   C H O O S E   A   I C E  F I S H I N G-C A R T™?

  • Easy exit and entry through our large zippered door
  • Extended ground flaps allow you to pile up snow for added stability
  • Complete black out interior for perfect fishing conditions
  • 100% wind and water proof and fire retardant materials keep the cold out and heat in – safe to use with a heater
  • Zippered windows on front and ceiling for those who prefer a little light
  • Comfortable interior to enjoy hours of fishing
  • Our largest interior footprint allows you to use up to a 36” pole or stand and use a spear
  • Optional ski attachment
  • Sets up in less than two minutes

Ice fishing should be an enjoyable and hassle free experience. Eliminate the stress and fatigue of getting your gear onto the ice and add more enjoyment to your experience every time you go out. Buy an Ice Fishing-Cart™ today and find out why Cartblind™ owners say it’s one of their most useful pieces of equipment.

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