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All ice fishing shanties are not created equal!  From heavy homemade wood boxes to fly-away, pop-up, vinyl tents, every design has its advantages . . . and usually even more disadvantages! So how do you find the ice fishing shanty that is perfect for your needs – at a price you can afford?

Ice shanty weight is a huge factor to consider when selecting an ice shanty. On a cold winter’s day the thought of transporting a heavy or cumbersome shelter – along with all of your gear – can be very discouraging. Comfort is also a key factor in selecting the right ice fishing shanty for your needs. The dedicated ice fisherman spends hours in their ice fishing shanty – so it goes without saying that protection form the elements is also essential.

But, there are several other important considerations that play into an avid ice fisherman’s ice shanty selection – many of which are often overlooked until the ice fisherman is out on the ice . . . and then it is too late.

We’ve listed the features of ice shanty design in the 4 categories we consider most important: Comfort, Portability, Durability & Ease of Use.

Ice Shanty Ease of Use:

  • Fast set up
  • Tools NOT Needed for Assembly
  • Lightweight / Easily Transportable
  • Built-In Cart Carries Fishing Gear

Ice Shanty Comfort:

  • Waterproof / Weatherproof / Windproof
  • Adjustable Shanty Height
  • Fish from seated or standing position
  • Built In Seating
  • Built In Fishing Rod Holder
  • Built In Cupholder
  • Zippered Shanty Windows
  • Holds People Up to 375 lbs.

Ice Shanty Safety Durability & Safety:

  • Locking Legs for Stability
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Floats w/ Up to 150 Pounds of Gear
  • Made in The USA!

Ice Shanty Portability:

  •  All Terrain Wheels for Ice, Snow, Mud, Sand
  • Lightweight for Easy Pulling (No Carrying!)
  • Built-In Cart Transports Fishing Gear
  • Optional Hitch for Pulling with ATV
  • Optional Skis for pulling with Snowmobile

Compare Cartblinds ice shanty features with your current ice shanty – or with the features of an ice shanty you are thinking about buying. You will not find an ice shanty on the market – other than Cartblinds  – that has all of these amazing capabilities.

Cartblinds Ice Fishing Shanty Will Change the Way You Fish!

Having a portable fishing gear hauling cart and an ice fishing shanty all built into one product is guaranteed to make any ice fisherman’s day of fishing easier and more comfortable! Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are buying simply the safest, most comfortable, easiest to transport, state-of-the art ice fishing shanty on the market when you purchase your ice fishing shanty from Cartblinds.

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