2015 NSSF SHOT Show Recap

What a week!  The Cartblinds team just returned from a great week at the NSSF SHOT Show.  It was a pleasure to see all of the new products, speak with the new companies and it was an honor to have so many people tell us how much they enjoy our Cartblinds and look forward to our new offerings.  One of the best parts of SHOT Show is listening to fans of Cartblinds tell stories about how much they have enjoyed using our product in the past.  One father told us how our unique blind has allowed him to take his young son hunting and how easy it is to teach and relax in his Cartblind.  Another veteran hunter told us how he and his friends thought they had to quit hunting because they could no longer haul their gear all the way out to their favorites spots, but now that they each have a Cartblind they are looking forward to several more seasons.

At Cartblinds, we know that hunting isn’t just an activity, it’s a lifestyle, it brings friends and families together, it allows people an escape and it becomes a way of life.  Never is that more evident than at SHOT Show.  Together with all of the other exhibitors, we got to see first-hand just how important this industry is too so many people.  We have left the show determined to continue to provide innovative new configurations, new products and make hunting easier and more accessible to hunters of all kinds.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by our SHOT Show booth, thank you to everyone who gave us input on how to improve our product and a big thank you to all of our Cartblinds fans who continue to spread the word about our product!  We look forward to gearing up for another great hunting season that can’t come soon enough and seeing our fans at our next shows and throughout the year!

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