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birdWinter Bird Watching

Winter has finally set in, but that doesn’t mean that bird watching has to be put on hold. This time of year offers gorgeous bird photograph opportunities. Winter provides birders with scenic snowy backgrounds and rare seasonal birds and wildlife. Though winter can be a beautiful time of year, it also comes with it’s own unique set of challenges for bird watchers and photographers. At Cartblinds, we have thought out every possible winter bird watching scenario, then designed and field tested a Cartblind that would provide the best bird watching experience no matter the season.

Winter Gear Hauling Challenges 

Both hunting and bird watching have similar challenges. The biggest being carrying both equipment and a blind into the woods. Cartblinds solved this problem by making a portable cart on wheels for hauling equipment that transforms into a bird watching blind. Now you can haul binoculars, cameras, lenses, tripods, backpack, and other photographic equipment safely to your favorite bird watching location in one trip. The large, wide trek wheels are ideal for rolling through snow and mud. We also offer snow skis that are a direct fit for your bird watching Cartblind that make hauling gear over snow and ice a breeze. With the optional hitch, you can use a snowmobile to pull your Cartblind and conserve your energy for a fun day of winter bird watching.

Staying Dry

Another challenge birdwatchers face in the winter is staying dry while it snows. Water can quickly destroy expensive camera bodies and lenses. That’s whey when we developed our bird watching Cartblind, the only material option for us was water resistant Realtree camouflage. Not only does it make the Cartblind invisible to birds with keen eyesight, it also provides birdwatchers and their equipment with protection from wind, rain, and snow. Staying comfortable can mean the difference between a good day of bird watching and a bad one.

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